The Hempolics – Life Ain’t Easy

The Hempolics are another new band from the UK which I recently discovered on a website called 22tracks.  I stumbled upon this website while researching a previous post about a mix from DJ Sattamann, and followed a link to it from his RealRoots site. The 22tracks site features picks in various musical genres from top DJs and producers in Amsterdam, London, Brussels, and Paris.  The first song I heard was called “Life Ain’t Easy” by The Hempolics, and I was just blown away.  It’s hard to describe what I really like about this song, but it’s got a warm organic, yet grimy city vibe to it that just works really well with the lyrics.  To me it sounds almost Fugee-esque in some ways, which is high praise indeed.  The video is pretty cool as well and even though it’s mostly black and white, it’s got a few splashes of colour when showing the band’s logo (great marketing, since I now feel like buying one of those jackets, lol).  The next logical step of course was to check their website to see if they sold any merchandise.  Unfortunately, they do not sell any merchandise yet (, but it looks like it will be coming soon.  Also, it’s worth noting that the site mentions this song is the first single from a forthcoming album titled “Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol.1”.  As a tech nerd though, I was disappointed with the fact that if you actually type “Hempolics” into a Google search, their site does not even come up!  I found the site through a link on their SoundCloud page, which is not ideal so hopefully whoever built their site gets their SEO mojo going soon!  Anyways, check out the official music video below:


Also, if you spend some time navigating around this 22tracks site, you will discover that it is literally a goldmine.  It’s not just the great musical selections that makes this site so good, it’s also super smooth and simple to use.  I highly recommend checking it out, but be warned that if you are anything like me, you could spend hours going down this rabbit hole of musical discovery.


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