DJ Satta Mann – SoundCrash Radio Show (Ep. 29)

Respect goes out to my cousin (the one called Vaibhav Bhan) who found this killer hour long mix by DJ Satta Mann and sent it to me.  I was hooked right from the intro which is a steppers track that starts with a voiceover from a dude with an Indian accent.  This struck me as rather unusual, and piqued my interest.  He was speaking about meeting Emperor Haile Selassie I, and the Emperor’s interest in his yoga teachings.  While the track was still playing, I immediately embarked on a search to figure out who it was that was speaking on this track.  As I suspected, combining the search terms “yoga” and “Haile Selassie” yielded precious few results.  Luckily, a hit on YouTube confirmed that the person speaking was Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath.  In the video, Yogiraj claims to have met His Imperial Majesty in 1982, seven years after his death.  While this may sound strange to most people, Rastas firmly believe that Selassie was god incarnate, which would make this circumstance entirely within the realm of possibilities.  Yogiraj goes on to explain that Selassie was indeed a divine soul capable of resurrection.  I know I’m digressing here a little bit, but I found it quite interesting to hear this story from an Indian yogi.


As you move on in the mix, you discover that it is laced with some really great tracks. A bunch of them feature some outstanding horn sections which I really enjoyed (the last track in particular).  This isn’t necessarily a mix that I would throw on at a party, but this is a great chill out mix that can help get you in a meditative state of mind.  The best part of this mix is that I only recognized a couple of the songs, but MixCloud indicates the artist and song names of each tune in the mix.  So now, I have a bunch of new artists to look up and learn about.  That journey of musical discovery is what this blog is all about, so I and I give thanks to DJ Sattamann for sharing this.  Will definitely be checking out some other SoundCrash Radio episodes now.  Hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did.



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