FatLion HiFi – Pay Your Way

This is a BIG BIG tune from a new group called FatLion HiFi based in the UK.  I first heard this track a few weeks ago on David Rodigan’s BBC 1Xtra show, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.  What really drew me into this song are the beautiful instrumentals it features.  The beginning of the song has a very cool interplay between the melodica and the sax, which almost makes it sound like they are having a conversation.  The chorus actually sounds like it could be a different song entirely, and has a very nice horn section.  And if that wasn’t enough, there is some nice organ/keyboard playing in there that would even make Jackie Mittoo proud.  There is a LOT of great reggae music coming out of the UK right now which I’m very excited about.  FatLion HiFi has a few other tracks on SoundCloud which I’m looking forward to diving into because I’m really digging their sound.  I don’t really have much background info on this group, and had a lot of trouble finding any info about them after first hearing this song since they are so new.  You can only find their tracks on SoundCloud, and they don’t have a website yet.  Based on what I have heard so far, I can guarantee you their popularity will only grow from here, so I’m sure we will learn more about this group soon.

(EDIT: FatLion HiFi graciously replied to my tweet and informed me that they do indeed have a website.  The link is and you can listen to all their tracks there and read a brief bio about each member of the group.)


  1. George

    Huge respect for the review! Thank you,

    We are on and on Facebook as well. Sorry it was hard to find us, we just changed our name from flatline to fatlion HiFi so has taken a bit of time for it all to switch over. New tracks and an album are in the pipeline!

    Thanks again for the kind words.

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