Maverick Sabre – Come Fly Away

December 8, 2016

Ok, so I’m going to save the explanation as to how I found out about Maverick Sabre until the end of this post.  For now, a brief intro.  He was born as Michael Stafford in Ireland, and grew up in England.  As a singer/rapper, his career started around 2008, and he released his debut album […]

Chronixx – Santa Claus, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto?

December 6, 2016

People don’t normally associate reggae music with Christmas.  Christmas reggae is something of a niche, within an already niche genre.  It’s rare, but it does exist, as evidenced by the last post on TickuTalk (which was a collaboration between Protoje and Major Lazer).  Shortly after that post, almost as if on cue, came this ballad […]

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