YT – Human Rights

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!  Found a special song to share with all you loyal TickuTalk fans during the holidays. It’s a song called “Human Rights” by an artist simply named “YT”.  I found this track while researching my last blog post on Treesha.  It happens to be on the “Retro Locks” riddim which is also the […]

Treesha – I’m A Lion

December 17, 2015

So I’ve been jamming to this track for a while, but never got around to posting it.  It’s one of the many drafts I started while on my brief hiatus, but never finished.  See, even though I wasn’t completing any posts, I was still creating draft posts of good songs I heard with the intention […]

Rocky Dawuni – African Thriller

December 9, 2015

While I like to know which movies are getting Oscar nomination buzz, I don’t normally care about which albums are up for any type of music award.  Maybe this is because I don’t listen to pop music, or maybe because it seems like there are so many damn types of music awards.  Perhaps a combination of both […]

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