Jah9 – Steamers a Bubble (Live)

February 23, 2015

I figured it’s about time I featured some of the female voices involved in the so called reggae revival.  At the forefront is Janine “Jah9” Cunningham, hailing from Falmouth, Jamaica.  Her first album called “New Name” (released in 2013) was a sensation, and has helped brand her musical style as “Jazz on Dub” rather than simply reggae.  Her voice […]

Mike Love – Permanent Holiday

February 18, 2015

The first time I visited Hawaii was in 2006, and I was surprised to discover that it had a very vibrant reggae scene. It wasn’t just that they listened to Bob Marley, or other well known Jamaican artists, they had their own their grassroots artists as well that got substantial airplay on the local radio […]

Chronixx – News Carryin’ Dread

February 12, 2015

It’s almost unbelievable that I’ve been working on TickuTalk.com for 4 months and haven’t posted a single Chronixx song yet!  For those who are not familiar with Chronixx, he had a real breakout year in 2014 with the release of his “Dread & Terrible” project.  He also had his US television debut on the Tonight Show […]

Protoje – England Be Wise Mixtape

February 9, 2015

The hype leading up to the release of “Ancient Future” has officially reached a fever pitch.  Just a few short days after announcing the track list for the album and sharing the iTunes pre-order link, he unexpectedly dropped a mixtape with English DJ/Producer Toddla T.  The mixtape features a couple of the unreleased tracks from […]

Adolf Fayaman (feat. Lion Boy) – Good Feelings

February 8, 2015

TickuTalk.com is proud to feature a new track by Cameroonian reggae artist Lion Boy, along with an exclusive interview!  Recently, a Cameroonian reggae artist who goes by the name of Lion Boy (also known as One Zeal) contacted me and asked if I could share a new song on which he had collaborated with an […]

Happy 70th Birthday Bob!

February 6, 2015

If he was still with us, Robert Nesta Marley would have been 70 years old today.  And today, the world celebrates his life and achievements.  In my hometown of Toronto, the mayor has officially proclaimed February 6th to be Bob Marley Day, as every mayor of Toronto has for the past 25 years: There are […]

Gappy Ranks & Exco Levi – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

February 3, 2015

Snow and cold weather got you down?  Well, everything’s gonna be alright (at least for TickuTalk.com readers!).  I recently found this track by Toronto-based artist Exco Levi and one of my favourite UK-based artists, Gappy Ranks.  It’s a nice uplifting tune which echoes the words of Bob Marley from the classic “No Woman, No Cry”. […]

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