Xana Romeo – Mercy Please Mixtape

Xana Romeo has been on my radar for a while, and I was waiting for the right time to introduce her to TickuTalk fans.  It turns out that with the release of this Yaadcore produced mixtape, the time is now.  If the name Xana Romeo sounds familiar, it might be because this roots daughter is the seed of none other than reggae great, Max Romeo.

Max Romeo had his first major success on the Jamaican reggae scene in 1968.  He has some truly classic records, and even folks who have never heard of him have almost certainly heard some of his music.  One of his most well known tracks called “Chase the Devil” has been sampled many times, including by Jay-Z on the track “Lucifer”.  If anyone makes a movie that has a scene where an astronaut in outer space lights up a joint, this needs to be song that goes with that scene:

Anyways, this post is not about Max Romeo, but his talented daughter.  The mixtape is rather short, but it features a few new tracks and some fantastic dubs.  I absolutely LOVE the riddim for the track “Mercy Please”, and as soon as you hear it, you know this song is BEGGING to be dubbed out.  Yaadcore does not disappoint, and really gives the track another dimension with his dub treatment.  I’m wondering if I’ve heard this riddim somewhere before, because it feels so familiar, but perhaps it’s just musical deja vu.  I suppose that’s how a lot of great music makes me feel.  It feels familiar, friendly, and natural.  As if it was always meant to be, and just needed to be discovered by the right person to bring it forward into the world.

Well, here is Xana Romeo bringing it:


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