Tribal Seeds (ft. Protoje) – Gunsmoke

Dropping a quick post today with this track I just found from a group called the Tribal Seeds. I’ve seen their name around the reggae festival circuit (mainly in California), but never paid them much attention. Well, when you feature my favourite reggae artist on your track, you successfully get my attention! As you can tell from the band’s photo, this is quite a motley crew of musicians. I don’t know any of their other material yet, but what this one track does tell me is that they certainly have an appreciation for soundsystem culture. The first time I listened to this track, I made the cardinal sin of listening to it on my phone (which I always tell people not to do, especially with reggae music). It sounded like trash. Fortunately, I later sat down and listened to the track in my man cave, and watched the video. Big difference. Once I felt the bass line, my perception of the song totally changed. It gave meaning to lyrics that originally seemed out of place. The lows of the bass gave were a perfect contrast to the highs of the vocals.

The video was pretty awesome too, and harkens back to Major Lazer circa 2009 when they made one of the best music videos of all time for a track called “Hold The Line” with Mr.Lexxus and Santigold.

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