The Wizard (ft. Jesse Royal) – Raging Storm

Nastassja Hammond may not be a household name (yet), but her father, Beres Hammond certainly is.  Better known by her alias “The Wizard”, Nastassja Hammond is one of the few prominent female producers in the Jamaican music scene.  Her innovative productions are what helped define the “Rootstronic” sound developed by The Courtney John Project, which is similar to the EDM vibe that Major Lazer has brought to dancehall in many respects. Like Nastassja, Courtney John is also a scion of reggae royalty since he is Beres Hammond’s nephew, which makes their project a family affair.  I really enjoyed this track she created with Jesse Royal which is a love song with a bit of a serious vibe.  This track has been out for a while now, but seems to have slipped under the radar a bit since it’s technically not a Jesse Royal track, but don’t sleep on this one, because it’s a great song!


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