Jesse Royal – Finally

Jesse Royal just released a new track called “Finally” as he continues his meteoric rise in the reggae world. The song is on the “Steamaz” riddim and is about the recent decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica.  While decriminalization is not the same as legalization, it does represent progress worth celebrating for the Rasta community in Jamaica and has been a long time coming.  Ultimately though, decriminalization is just Babylon’s term for profiteering as there will surely be a select few conglomerates that benefit from this legislation.  I’m sure as the Reggae Revival movement gains momentum and as the public consciousness and perception begins to shift, the day will come when Rastas will no longer face any type of persecution for use their holy sacrament.  This track is sure to be a summer favorite and while it doesn’t have an official music video, there is a fan made lyric video on YouTube.


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