L’Entourloop (ft. Troy Berkley & Khoe Wa) – Lobster Shawarma

While this blog is mainly focused on music, there is no doubt in today’s day and age that accompanying visuals can go a long way in terms of increasing a song’s popularity.  I’ve featured the French outfit L’Entourloop on this blog before (see it here), and I was immediately hooked to the first song I heard from them because of their use of visuals.  It’s not necessarily that it made the song any better, but it kept me listening longer than I otherwise might have.  In those precious extra seconds, I realized that the song itself was amazing, and decided to check out more of their music.

Thanks to YouTube algorithms, I stumbled across this song from the same group.  I will be honest, I clicked the link mainly because I was hungry and lobster shawarma sounds absolutely delicious.  Well, I was rewarded for my hunger-driven curiosity with this great music video.  The sitar intro with the trippy animation was enough to hook me.  Love the use of colour and sense of depth the animation provides.

The song is from an album called “Chickens In Your Town” released by L’Entourloop in 2015.  I’ve listened to the album once through, and there some other good tracks in there worth checking out.  There are a couple other songs from the album that have music videos, but this is by FAR the best one.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!


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