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Kabaka Pyramid X Raekwon – Be Inspired

I don’t normally post hip hop tracks on TickuTalk, but I’m making an exception for this killer track. It features one of the Reggae Revival’s premier artists, Kabaka Pyramid, alongside Wu-Tang Clan member, Raekwon.  The track was produced by Walshy Fire of Major Lazer for an upcoming documentary by Eric Iberg.  Check it out on SoundCloud below:

For those not familiar with Kabaka, he is great lyricist, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that Walshy Fire brought these two together on track since Kabaka can hang with the best of them.  For a really good example of Kabaka’s lyrical prowess, look no further than this freestyle video he did for BBC 1Xtra:

While Raekwon is a well known commodity in mainstream hip hop, this type of crossover track may be exactly the type of exposure Kabaka Pyramid needs to breakthrough with larger audience.


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