YT – Human Rights

Merry Christmas everyone!  Found a special song to share with all you loyal TickuTalk fans during the holidays. It’s a song called “Human Rights” by an artist simply named “YT”.  I found this track while researching my last blog post on Treesha.  It happens to be on the “Retro Locks” riddim which is also the same one upon which Treesha recorded her hit song “Don’t Do It”.  During a time of year when a lot of emphasis is placed on materialism in the form of gift exchanges, it’s important to remember to be thankful for the much more basic things in life that we take for granted that many others do not get to enjoy.  While not very “Christmas-y” per se, after having recently volunteered to make Christmas dinner at a local Salvation Army for those who are less fortunate, the lyrics of this song really drive home how lucky I feel to have food, freedom, shelter and a loving family.


“Me say hard times!
People inna poverty, war crimes!
Crimes against humanity!
We cyan find, no justice and no equality, no love for humanity.
What about we human rights?
Every man deserve a chance fi live their life, likkle food, a likkle shelter, for di kids and wife!
Freedom of choice!
Never let them deny you your rights!
Because everyone deserve a likkle happiness in life, everyone deserve a place to lay their head at night!
You can’t conquer right with your military might, we a stand up for human rights!”


So remember, this time of year to cherish not only your time with loved ones, but the basic freedoms and human rights we are blessed with in this great country we call home!  Hope you enjoy the track!





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