Mike Love – Permanent Holiday

The first time I visited Hawaii was in 2006, and I was surprised to discover that it had a very vibrant reggae scene. It wasn’t just that they listened to Bob Marley, or other well known Jamaican artists, they had their own their grassroots artists as well that got substantial airplay on the local radio stations. So I guess I should not be surprised to see such an amazing talent coming from there, but I think it is something that transcends just reggae. If you care about any type of music at all, I think you can appreciate the creativity and genius of this performance. I don’t like to share long videos, because I feel responsible for the time people have wasted watching it if they end up not enjoying it. Having said that, if you have ever picked up and tried to play an instrument, I think it’s safe to say you will thoroughly enjoy this. Even if you haven’t, I implore you to at least watch to the 5 minute mark, and if you aren’t intrigued, then feel free to yell at me :) Big thanks go out to my cousin Atul who introduced me to this artist vis-a-vis his friend Justin.


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