Protoje – England Be Wise Mixtape

The hype leading up to the release of “Ancient Future” has officially reached a fever pitch.  Just a few short days after announcing the track list for the album and sharing the iTunes pre-order link, he unexpectedly dropped a mixtape with English DJ/Producer Toddla T.  The mixtape features a couple of the unreleased tracks from the upcoming album (which has already shared with its readers), as well as some of his staples from “The 8 Year Affair”.  What’s really special about this mixtape though is how effortlessly Protoje crosses the borders of reggae, jungle and grime (respect to Toddla T for some great selections).  At one point on the mixtape, Protoje declares, “Toddla T!  I know they don’t expect dis from me!” and he couldn’t be more right.  This is Protoje as you’ve never heard him before, and he not only makes it work, he absolutely kills it!  This is required listening for all Protoje fans out there.


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