Shanty – Happy To Be Sad

Shanty just released a new single called “Happy To Be Sad” from their upcoming EP. The title of the EP is “Strange Little Human” and it’s set for release on March 24th. Shanty has already started touring in the UK to support the release of the EP, although I don’t think they have any plans to cross the pond. This track was released back in February, but only on iTunes and Google Play which made it hard to share with TickuTalk readers who don’t subscribe to those services. Luckily, they recently released an official music video, so everyone can now give this track a listen for free on YouTube.

I’m not a big fan of this particular video, but I do really like the song. I was crushing this track non-stop for a couple weeks after I found it, and I probably would still be doing it if it didn’t annoy everyone around me. It has an easy going sound, and is effortlessly catchy. I especially like the subtle use of horns to keep the tempo up during the chorus. This is a solid single, and I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP. Anyways, check out the tune the below and enjoy.

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