Too Many Zooz – Shape of You

So we are less than a month away from the Too Many Zooz show in Toronto, and I’m starting to get very excited. I’ve been revisiting their discography as the anticipation builds, and as luck would have it, they just dropped a new track this past Friday. It’s a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” which is essentially a dancehall track. I don’t listen to the radio a lot, but when I do, I notice there is quite a bit of reggae influenced music which seems to be getting regular airplay lately. Oddly enough, I’ve heard some of it referred to as “tropical house” (whatever the hell that is) which I find absolutely maddening, but I digress.

The cover starts off a little bland, but starts getting the signature Zooz treatment shortly after the two minute mark. I really like when they put their own spin on covers, and I wish there was more of it on the track, but I guess they had to make sure it was recognizable before they started up with their madness. My only other minor quibble is that they should have called the track “Shape of Zooz” 🙂 Either way, looking forward to them pulling this one out of the bag for their live set in Toronto!

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