Jesse Royal – Little Did They Know

Here is a great live studio session that Jesse Royal did for a track from the album Living Heart Vol.1 which was a tribute to the recently deceased Phillip “Fatis” Burrell.  Fatis was the head of the popular Xterminator label, which helped produce names like Sizzla and Luciano.  This album was produced by his son Kareem, under his label XTM.Nation and he managed to recruit quite a formidable list of artists to contribute.  So far this Jesse Royal track is the only one I’ve listened to from the album, but I will definitely be diving into the rest of the tracks as time permits as I’m sure there are some gems in there.  This track features the venerable Sly and Robbie playing the drum and bass respectively.  To say that they are legends in the music business is under statement.  According to Wikipedia, the prolific duo have played on or produced somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 recordings!  No doubt this number is so high because of the tradition in Jamaican music of creating “versions” or different songs with the same rhythm, but it’s still an absolutely staggering number.  Check out this video to watch them do their thing live with the “ever loyal, never partial” Jesse Royal 🙂

If you liked the song and the video, check out the rest of the album below on SoundCloud:

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