Dub Files All Stars – Dance Inna Babylon

Need a tune to get your Friday evening started? has got you covered!  Found a new tune that someone posted on Facebook in a thread about the best reggae songs of 2014.  The thread has turned out to be a veritable gold mine of songs that I’m sure will eventually be featured on this blog.  My favorite one of the bunch was this track from the Dub Files All Stars called “Dance Inna Babylon”.  Now, the track is a bit long as it is a collaboration of various artists.  The song actually has a video as well, but I want you to listen to at least the first 3 or 4 minutes of just the audio track:

Ok, now after having listened to just the audio, I want you to watch the video:


I listen to a lot of reggae, and I would have never guessed that the vocals in this track belonged to this seemingly random group of people.  Watching this video was like a reggae Rick Astley moment for me. While their patois may not be perfect, it’s still pretty impressive.  I personally see this as a testatment to the ever increasing global reach of reggae music, and it’s ability to transcend borders and cultures.

The song itself is pretty catchy, although it’s a bit long at 7 minutes.  However, if you stick around to watch the whole video, you get to witness the guy at the controls dub out the track pretty nicely with some cool effects.  If you’d rather listen to a shorter version of the song, the original track is by Mellow Mood (and without all the other collaborators that make up the Dub Files All Stars) and has a music video as well:



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