Yellow Claw (ft. Beenie Man) – Dancehall Soldier

Yellow Claw is a group from Amsterdam that was under Diplo’s Mad Decent label until very recently going independent.  Other than Major Lazer, I don’t really follow the EDM or trap scene, but I stumbled across this song on SoundCloud a little while ago.  Last month on TickuTalk, I posted a song by Nastassja Hammond (a.k.a. The Wizard) and started following her SoundCloud.  On her SoundCloud page, she frequently posts songs from other fellow artists under the Tropic Electric label.  This track happened to be on a Tropic Electric compilation, and caught my attention because I saw it featured Beenie Man.  The use of the steelpans at the start of the track sets the stage for the King of Dancehall and gives it a bit calypso/soca vibe before turning into a full out trap song.  It sounds very Major Lazer-esque though, and it grew on me quickly.  Definitely a great track to get your weekend party started!


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