The Skints – The Cost of Living is Killing Me

Mondays generally suck, as most of us get back to our weekly grind.  But if misery really does love company, then I’ve got the song for you.  The Skints are a band from the U.K. who blend reggae, ska, and hip hop.  I found this particular track within that Facebook thread I mentioned in a previous post chronicling the best reggae songs of 2014.  The track opens with the hook, and within a few seconds, I could tell it was going to be a great song.  The opening line of the song is: “In this free country, where nothing is free, the cost of living is a killing me.”.  I think it very powerfully captures the zeitgeist of the times we live in today given the central banker induced economic malaise much of the developed world finds itself in.  The video of the song itself also gives off a matching vibe as it appears to use VHS camcorder footage and 8mm film in various scenes.  Overall, I’m very impressed with the band as a whole, as they appear to have a nice mix of vocal and musical talent. This song has been my introduction to The Skints, but I am very much looking forward to listening to some of their other work.


By the way, if there are any Raptors fans reading this, doesn’t the guy in the video with the glasses remind of you Greivis Vasquez?  Weird.


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