The Drop – Turning Around

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the hardest working man in reggae.  Dan Collier is a singer/songwriter from the U.K. who performs with TWO amazing reggae bands called “The Drop” and “The Hempolics” and also as a solo artist named Dandelion (Dan De Lion!).

When I stumbled onto this song, I thought the singer looked very familiar.  It dawned on me that it looked like one of the members of The Hempolics, and sure enough I went back to the check this video that I posted on TickuTalk not too long ago and it was him!

Anyways, it’s a really catchy tune that I have had on rotation for days now.  It opens up with a really sexy sax, and a nice jump up groove.  The bass line is tight and the vocals are on point.  The video is pretty cool as well with a narrative interpretation of the song lyrics.  Two friends traveling through London, searching for the source of that infectious, fresh, underground sound that has captivated their auditory senses.  Once they find it, they can finally revel in sheer joy of it and dance like no one is watching.  It’s a kind of how I felt when I found this song.  Awesome.

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