Suns of Dub – Jah Jah Solve Dem (feat. Sizzla)

Found a new EP from Suns of Dub which was just posted to SoundCloud last week.  The interesting thing about this EP is that the all the songs are variations (or dubs) of the title track “Jah Jah Solve Dem”.  So all the tracks feature vocals by Sizzla, but they are quite different otherwise.  I’m not too familiar with Suns of Dub, although I am aware that one of the members is Addis Pablo who is the son of the legendary Melodica King, Augustus Pablo (who should probably be the topic of a future blog post).  This EP certainly makes me want to explore more of their music though.  Another observation I had is that this strkes me as being good studying music since the lyrics are basic/repetitive, and the focus is on the instrumentals.  Will be putting this theory to the test this week while studying for my upcoming Big Data midterm 🙂



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