Shaggy – I Need Your Love (feat. Mohombi, Faydee, Costi)

I want to dedicate this blog post to my lovely wife, who every holiday season puts up with an event that only a nerd could love.  I’m talking about the long standing KP Bandit tradition of the Christmas LAN party.  From it’s humble beginnings with 3 computers daisy chained with serial cables to play the original Star Craft, it has grown and evolved over the years into an 8 player affair with consoles.  Here is a shot from the wee hours of Sunday morning:


We also took a group shot on Monday with the last few standing:


When you have two young children, it’s not easy to deal with half your house being taken over by a group of guys who basically just eat, drink and play video games for three days straight, especially when I’m one of them and neglecting most of usual parental duties.  But bless her heart, she never complains, and lets us have our fun and get it out of our systems (until the following year).

So with that said, I dedicate to her this great song that I found.  It’s a collaboration between Shaggy and a bunch of other dudes I have never heard of.  It’s not really a reggae song, but it does have Shaggy in it, it’s pretty catchy, and the other dudes can sing.  I’m guessing the other artists are probably some guys that are well known internationally in their respective genres.  I’m a little surprised that I haven’t heard this song on the radio before, although, truth be told I don’t listen to the radio very much.  In terms of the reggae world, Shaggy is one of the few successful cross over artists, so you would think a song like this would get some airplay.  In any case, the song is fun and light-hearted, just like the woman I’m dedicating it to 🙂


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