Runkus – Move Yuh Feet

I can’t remember how I first came across this song by Runkus, but I remember it being so infectious that I immediately added it to my playlist.  Although I came across the song a few months ago, I neglected to post it on TickuTalk for some reason, but that wrong will be righted today.  One good thing that has come out of that delay is that there is now an official music video for the track.  If any song was begging for a music video, it was this one.  The title itself implores you to move your feet, and it’s literally impossible not too once that classic, up-tempo ska beat takes hold.  Much like the carefree nature of the song, the video doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Rather than some fancy choreographed video, it just features regular people both young and old grooving to the beat and moving their feet however the music tells them to.  It’s fun and refreshing.  This is the first track I have heard from the recently released EP from Runkus which is titled “Move In”.  I’ve read good things about the EP, and will definitely be giving the rest of it a listen when time permits.


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