Protoje – Blood Money

Some exclusive and exciting news in the reggae world as David Rodigan just debuted a new, and as yet unreleased track from Protoje on his BBC1Xtra radio show this past Sunday night.  The track is a real banger with great lyrics and sublime production from Winta James.  I ripped the audio from the BBC1Xtra stream and uploaded to YouTube so TickuTalk fans can check it out, as you can’t find it anywhere else online right now.  I apologize in advance to Rodders and Protoje for doing this without permission, but hopefully it helps build some buzz for the release.  To ensure good karma, I will buy another T-shirt from Protoje’s website to add to my collection :)  If I’m lucky enough to have one of them actually check out my blog and complain, I will happily take it down.

I quickly edited the audio stream captured in Audacity to cut it down to size, and was debating whether or not to leave in Rodigan’s pull ups and commentary.  Ultimately, I decided to leave them in because I’m as much a David Rodigan fan as I am a Protoje fan.  His sincere giddiness about this track just oozes through the microphone, and it’s always an absolute pleasure listening to his radio shows.  Hope you guys enjoy it, and share it as well!


I got a takedown request from Mr.Bongo on YouTube, so the track is no longer there.  I won’t add it back, so hopefully at least some of you got to hear it :)  Also, as I was mentioning karma above, it just so happens that yesterday, David Rodigan just announced that he was releasing his autobiography!  So, of course, I bought it, and order to the universe has been restored.


The song has officially been released along with visuals from none other than Taj Francis.  Enjoy!


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