No-Maddz – Shotta

Discovering this track called “Shotta” by No-Maddz is a prime example of this journey of mine through reggae music.  If you follow my blog, you will notice that one of the members of this group looks very familiar.  That’s because he was the star of the short film called CAPTURELAND that was featured in my previous post.  After watching the short film a few times, I was captivated by the performance of the character “Tocky” and while watching the credits, took note of his real name (Sheldon Shepherd).  A quick Google search revealed that he is a member of a group called No-Maddz (who I had never heard of prior to this).  This was of course followed by the requisite search on YouTube, which yielded this track produced by the great Sly and Robbie.  If I were to trace back the lineage of this discovery, it would go as follows:

i) Watched the short film CAPTURELAND posted by Chronixx

ii) Became a fan of Chronixx via his Major Lazer mixtape

iii) Introduced to Major Lazer by Shazam-ing the song “Hold the Line” on a set posted online by DJ FreezaChin

iv) Started listening to DJ FreezaChin because he plays at Thymeless

This sequence of events spans over a few years, and it occurs to me that it would be interesting to represent these steps in some sort of tree form.  I suppose it’s obvious that this is how we generally acquire knowledge, one fact leads to another fact, or subsequent questions which we try to find the answer to.  In terms of my blog, I don’t know what value it would have, but I think it would be interesting to map out this full tree structure of musical discovery just to see what it looks like.  For this blog, I use a simple WordPress template, but it would be cool to be able link posts as leafs of a tree structure, and then be able to toggle the view and see the musical discovery tree.


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