No-Maddz – Pilot Through The Clouds

By ticku, September 1, 2015

This TickuTalk post is dedicated to my lovely wife Sonya.  It’s her birthday today, and I’ve had this post tucked away in draft mode waiting for the right occasion.  Thank you for being a wonderful wife (and mother to our children) while helping me pilot through the clouds all these years 🙂

I’ve highlighted the No Maddz before in previous TickuTalk posts, and mentioned that they have a full length album produced by Sly and Robbie.  This track is featured on their album under the name “Romance”.  The album version is sped up a bit and more heavily produced than this early version of the song.  I much prefer this early version of the song as it really highlights the vocal range of Oneil Peart.  For comparison purposes, I’ve posted the album version below:



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  1. Balsher Balbir says:

    Very nice post. Lovely and romantic. We wish you all the best and peaceful life full of love, respect and prosperity.

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