Too Many Zooz – Warrior

Welcome to the birthday edition of TickuTalk!  I’d like to thank everyone for all their birthday wishes today, they are very much appreciated!  Thought I’d return the love with this TickuTalk post featuring a brand new track by Too Many Zooz.  The track is called “Warriors” and it’s the first track to be released from their upcoming album “Subway Gawdz”.  The album was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they raised 100k.  Listening to this track, you can tell the money was well spent.  The fidelity of the recording is phenomenal, and you can immediately tell that this has far higher production value than anything they have done before.  You have to listen to this on a big sound system to appreciate the bass (no phones or dinky earbuds please!), and they are really able to give it the feel of big room house track, while sticking to their instrumental roots.  I’m eagerly anticipating this new album, and can’t wait to get my Kickstarter prize (hat, t-shirt, and CD).


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