Kabaka Pyramid – The Lyricist (Mixtape)

There is a fresh new mixtape from Kabaka Pyramid that was posted on SoundCloud a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t post about it right away because I wanted to listen to it a few times and provide an in-depth review.  Unfortunately, I’ve been extremely busy lately and just haven’t had the time.  In a word, this mixtape is AWESOME, and I have decided that the fact that I don’t have time to do a detailed write it up is not a good enough reason to hold it back from the massive!

I do have some initial thoughts that I would like to share.  The first thing that struck me about this mixtape is the art work.  I absolutely LOVE the imagery of the tree roots, and it’s very fitting given that the essence of the Reggae Revival is about going back to the origins of reggae music.  The mixtape is also interspersed with clips of interviews with Kabaka where he explains his views on the state of reggae music and the influence of Rastafari on his lyrics.

One thing that I thought was very interesting was that I learned about this mixtape from Protoje’s Facebook page!  I love the fact that this new breed of artists all help promote each other’s music.  It’s not about competition, it’s about helping each other succeed so that this very special music can bring about positive change in society.

The mixtape opens with a very strong track called “Ghetto Blues” which is a collaboration between Kabaka and Chronixx.  Some of my other favorites in there are “Dash a Fire”, “Reggae Revival”, “Warrior”, and “Selassie Souljahz”.  Lastly, the name of the mixtape itself is very appropriate as Kabaka Pyramid is indeed a great lyricist, and if you make some time to listen to what he is saying in these songs, I think you will find it hard to disagree.



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