Jesse Royal – Feel Your Pain

I found a really great acoustic recording recently of the Jesse Royal track “Feel Your Pain”.  For those who have never heard of him before, Jesse Royal is another rising star in the burgeoning movement known as the Reggae Revival.  His nickname is the “Small Axe”, which comes from a Bob Marley song of the same name.  Marley’s song refers to the fact that early in the history of the Jamaican music industry, a select few held all the power. At that time, the big three in the industry were Coxsone Dodd (Studio One), Duke Reid (Trojan/Treasure Isle)  and Prince Buster who formed a label called “Big Tree Records”.  Bob Marley was the “Small Axe” who would cut down the “Big Tree”.

Luckily, this acoustic recording of “Feel Your Pain” has a video to go along with it as well.  While it’s nothing fancy, I really like the muted colours they use in the video and how the camera focus remains mostly on the instruments (and thus the music).  Overall, I think it works very well with the song, so make sure you check it out:



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