Jah Cure – Life We Live

I have been working on a couple of new blog posts, but most of them are drafts right now.  However, I found this tune today while listening to the BBC Radio 1Xtra show (hosted by David Rodigan), and it’s so good, that I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you!  Looks like this was released in the last few months, and it has a music video as well.

Jah Cure is one of my favorite reggae crooners.  He has such a great voice, and his songs always feel like they are coming straight from the heart.  The video for the song seems a bit a like a tourism video for Jamaica, which is not exactly what I was expecting, but I think it works with the message (and I now feel like going on vacation, lol).  Love the lyrics “too blessed to be stressed”, which is a great attitude towards life.  It’s something we should all try harder to remember, especially since we are indeed very blessed to be living in a great country like Canada.


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