Hail Ras Tafari

Protoje’s sophomore album “The 8 Year Affair” is REALLY good, and multiple listenings from beginning to end are not uncommon or unwelcome.  One of the stand out tracks is “Hail Ras Tafari” and to make it even better, Protoje recorded a live studio version that is almost 10 minutes long!  What sets this video apart from other live performance videos is that it was taken in HD and the sound quality is amazing because it’s a studio recording.  The first time I saw this video, I went absolutely ballistic!  I mean, I already loved the original song, but once he starts improvising around the 4 minute mark, I realized that I was witnessing something special.  The guitar, the vocals, the dancing…it ceases to be a song at some point and transcends into a spiritual experience.  As luck would have it, I was home alone in the man cave the first time I watched this, and just cranked the volume as loud as possible, and listened to it over and over and over again.  At one point, the thermal protection on my amp kicked in and shut it off.  After that experience, the first thing I did was go to Protoje’s website and buy a T-Shirt 🙂  I felt like I owed this guy something for giving me the gift that was this song.  This performance was enough to convince me that I had to make the pilgrimage to Miami to see him in concert, no matter the cost.

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