Ch’An – Trippin’

So I first heard this track on a Selector Stix radio show that was posted on SoundCloud.  I was debating whether or not to post this track, but I kept listening to it over the last week, which is really the main criteria for TickuTalk 🙂  The name of the artist is Ch’An, and she is out of Barbados.  I found her voice to be quite mesmerizing, and very unique.  I had a really hard time finding out much information about her or her career, so I think she is pretty new.  I think part of it also might the fact her name is very short and has that apostrophe in the middle.  For instance, I wasn’t able to find any of her songs on YouTube.  She does have songs on YouTube, but I can’t find them by searching for them (only via links on her Facebook page).  Hopefully this problem will remedy itself over time as her popularity grows.  It would suck to have change your name in order to be found by search engines.  Anyways, enjoy the tune!


  1. Ch'An

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for sharing the material. It’s a track I did for Bulby York’s album Epic & Ting which came out in 2016. Go grab the album so you can have unlimited listens!

    EPIC & TING – BULBY YORK (Available on iTunes NOW)

    – Much Love, Ch’An.

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