CAPTURELAND – Nabil Elderkin

Chronixx posted a beautiful short film by Nabil Elderkin on his Facebook page recently that I believe is deserving of attention.  The film is partially based on the song “Capture Land” by Chronixx, and inspired by the writings of Nelson Mandela.  It should be noted, that this is NOT a music video for “Capture Land” (which already has a music video), but it is an equally powerful piece of film making.  If the name of the director sounds familiar, it is because I also recently posted a music video he directed for Damian Marley.  I’m assuming that having worked with Marley in the past is how he made the connection with Chronixx, but it would be interesting to find out if that is the case.  I don’t want to talk about the short film too much and give anything away, but it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting.  The film is about 15 minutes in length, and features some great music including a scene in a dancehall playing “Who Knows” (by Protoje and Chronixx), and a haunting, yet hopeful instrumental of “Capture Land” by Chronixx.  While I’m certainly no connoisseur of short films, and admittedly have a huge bias towards the topic, I think this short film is worthy of an Academy Award nomination.


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