Branko – Let Me Go (ft. Nonku & Mr.Carmack)

Soooooo here is a track you may not have been expecting to hear on TickuTalk.  One of my favouite DJs shared this on Twitter recently and mentioned that he could not stop listening to this tune, and I heartily agree with the sentiment.  The song has an almost dream-like quality, so sit back and enjoy this magic carpet ride.

I wasn’t familiar the name of the artist, but when I got to the SoundCloud page, I was able to determine that he is a member of a group that I am familiar with, Buraka Som Sistema.  They are a Portuguese EDM group that makes some pretty interesting music by fusing EDM beats with African rhythms, in a similar vein to what Major Lazer does with reggae.  The first song I ever heard from Buraka Som Sistema was this crazy tune called “Stay Up All Night” which featured an artist named Roses Gabor.

I stumbled upon Roses Gabor when I came across an epic collaboration between the legendary Shy FX and Donaeo called “Raver”.  If you know know me, I guarantee I have already made you listen to this song at some point 🙂  I haven’t listened to it myself in years, so I’m thankful not only that the song which is the topic of this post is good, but tracing it’s provenance in my mind led me back to this great one.  Enjoy!





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