BC Dubcats – Chalice In Wonderland

I recently discovered the BC Dubcats via a Facebook post from one of my favorite DJ’s from Thymeless, DJ Dubconscious.  If you are a fan of dub, you will be downright delighted with their mixes on SoundCloud.  I started listening to one called “Chalice In Wonderland” which I feel has a nice and unique vibe to it.  The mix starts off with a gangster sitar intro, and proceeds to relax and enchant the listener all at once, as if preparing for a meditation session.  Since TickuTalk.com’s token Italian fan (Justin) is in India right now, I thought I’d post this set for him since it’s got a dubby Indian vibe going.  Welcome to the motherland man!  Watch out for the cow shit on the road, and try not to get malaria.




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